Venus in Fur – Teaser

IĀ receivedĀ a very cool opportunity to work with DC’s Studio Theatre just recently. They were looking to do more advertising for their plays using all the wonderful marketing tools that the web provides. In this case they were hoping to do a movie like teaser for their upcoming play called ‘Venus in Fur’. DC is a town built on documentary and news filmmaking so the chance to do something a bit more narrative in nature was something I couldn’t pass up. Plus it gave me the opportunity to work with some new digital camera gear, namely the Panasonic AF-1oo and a collection of 35mm Nikon prime lenses. The depth of the field and color in every shot was phenomenal. I work regularly with Sony’s EX-1, which is very compact and produces lovely images, but to do anything with a bit more artistic flare can be difficult. Being able to switch out lenses based on what I was trying to compose in a shot is something I will greatly miss when I return to my fixed lens war horse.